Martin is well accepted by campus personnel, who have come to value his input and his work. He is a rare individual who is able to operate very effectively in two environments – law enforcement and school campuses.

Judy Hinrichs
Associate Dean
City University (Seattle – Bellevue)

Recently TEEN TRUTH hosted a school safety panel with experts from across the western United States. Martin Speckmaier was an integral part of our panel, and truly educated our audience on the tools that they should be using to make their school community a safer happier place. I wish every school would take the time to speak with Martin about developing a threat assessment team in their community.

J. C. Pohl

Martin Speckmaier has a world view grasp of school safety that is uncommon in this business. He has the experience and the ability to see not only a problem from multiple angles, but even more importantly, he can help identify the solutions that are pragmatic, practical and doable. And then he has the ability to help a school system actually implement the solution.

Mary Schoenfeldt
School Safety Consultant to FEMA
U.S. Department of Education
Disaster International
Safe Schools Alliance

Martin's sessions were a huge hit! The information Martin presented was so relevant to what we all face in school.

Patricia Cole
Transitions Specialist

Martin is an established expert in keeping school and campus communities safe. His work in developing effective and sustainable multi-disciplinary team systems to identify, assess and manage threatening situations is unsurpassed. I recommend his trainings and consultations for all schools and campuses.

John Lovick
Snohomish County Sheriff
WA State Representative (1998 – 2007)

Marty Speckmaier is an exceptional consultant, teacher and public speaker. I have been honored to share the podium and the classroom with Mr. Speckmaier. His in-depth knowledge of violence prediction and threat management, along with his knowledge of legal issues relevant to violence prevention in schools, universities, and other organizations is impressive. As a long-time educator myself, I highly recommend Mr. Speckmaier as a consultant or trainer.

David J. Drummond, Ph.D.
Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Pyschiatry
Oregon Health & Sciences University

Martin has a gift for relationship building and connecting with other professionals. He is devoted to his work and always goes the extra mile to insure that his clients have everything they need to build safer and more secure systems. He has built strong and trusting partnerships with law enforcement jurisdictions, mental health agencies, and school districts throughout the Northwest region and has been instrumental in building an efficient means of communication for the benefit of students, their families and the community.

Martin's work on school safety has made considerable contribution to the ongoing regional commitment to a more safe and secure learning environment.

John Van Dreal
School Psychologist
Salem Keizer School District

Martin has a solid understanding of safety concerns of schools and communities. I sincerely recommend Martin for training and consultation activities in your district.

Dr. Wayne Robertson

Those schools fortunate enough to benefit from his services will not only receive excellent suggestions from an expert in law enforcement, but from one who genuinely understands how schools operate.

Alan Weiss

I have observed Martin educate faculty and campus administrators on safety measures and to be very responsive to facility concerns. I recommend him for conducting training and presentations on your school campus.

John H. Turner, Police Chief (Retired)
Department of Emergency Management
Homeland Security

If you are looking for someone to provide a comprehensive approach to managing the increasingly complex issues surrounding school safety and security, look no further than Martin Speckmaier. After personally experiencing his professionalism and commitment to excellence, there is no question that Martin is in the elite group of industry leaders who possess the expertise and skills necessary to deliver the highest caliber of training in assisting educators in their commitment to provide safe learning and working environments for their students, faculty, and staff.

Harold Burke-Sivers
Director of Public Safety
University of Portland

Martin's presentations and trainings should be required for all college employees.

Martin was incredible! He was very precise and direct in his presentation; please have more trainings with him.

Excellent content and presentation. Would like to see further topics presented by Martin Speckmaier.

Edmonds Community College
Training Evaluation Feedback

Martin's safety presentations and sessions were a great success!

Michael Grigsby
Edmonds Community College
Staff & Employee Training

I consider Marty Speckmaier a valued colleague in an effort to advance individual and organizational knowledge in the area of Threat Assessment and Management. I believe that I am not alone in my feelings that Marty is a knowledgeable practitioner and a gifted and enthusiastic trainer in this area.

I am familiar with Marty's past successes and the projects that he is currently engaged in. I know of no one who has not been impressed with the assistance and advise he has provided them, with the majority being overwhelmed in his ability to exceed their expectations.

In the summer of 2008, I was asked to provide training to administrators from several local universities and a community college. To provide that training, I called on Marty Speckmaier who provided exactly what those administrators both wanted and needed.

Rod Swinehart
Protective Research, Inc.

Martin was a key contributor to our district's Safety/Threat Assessment process. Martin's background in law enforcement and his work in education were effective in the implementation of our Safety Assessment with school staff and administrators. Martin works well with personnel from both law enforcement and education. He brings a positive energy to very serious work.

Jan Beglau
Director of Athletics

Martin provided training for our administrators at our annual Leadership Academy, and then came back to provide the nuts and bolts training for our newly created building and district level Student Safety/Threat Assessment Teams.

Walla Walla Public Schools has benefited greatly from the tools provided by Martin Speckmaier, and we look forward to an ongoing alliance with him as we implement this new program in our schools.

Liz Campeau
Asst. Director of Personnel

Martin brought to our Lake Stevens S.D. team and district a comprehensive evaluation tool for us to implement at the school level and district level to assist us in our risk assessment process. His knowledge, expertise, and training skills in this area are invaluable – our schools are safer with this process in place.

Dr. David Burgess & Arlene Hulten
Superintendent & Dir. Community Relations (respectively)

Mr. Speckmaier presented an engaging, well-researched keynote address, demonstrating his understanding of both the material and the attendees. I have no doubt that he could speak effectively to wide variety of school audiences. After his keynote, there was an opportunity to split into a number of breakout sessions. To the dismay of the other presenters, Martin retained virtually all of the conference attendees in his follow-up session.

Emily McGrath
Director of Professional Development
Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools